Thanks to career incumbents, Congress' approval rating is at a pathetic all-time low.  Instead of acting as public servants, voters see elected officials serving themselves. Being a public servant means just that--it's a calling. Military service members, emergency responders, firemen, police, doctors, nurses and teachers answer the call to serve using their God-given talents and inborn desire to serve the public, some of whom put their very lives on the line.  Voters when casting their ballot transfer their sacred trust to the candidate they chose in the belief that person will respect and uphold the principles and promises that were made to win their confidence. Sadly, that confidence is broken time and again. If I am elected to represent the hard-working voters who live in the eight counties of US House District 10, I solemnly swear that I will do my best to live up to the calling God has placed on my heart to use my gifts and talents for that noble purpose and to deliver the best constituent  services that are available.

 Constitutional Conservative Platform

  • America First Foreign Policy- Secure Border Wall

  • States Rights and Local Control

  • First Amendment (Protect Religious Freedom)

  • Second Amendment (The 2nd Amendment protects the 1st)

  • Strong Military Defense (stop endless wars)

  • Term Limits (Senate and House)

  • Reduce Federal Deficit (stop endless budget-deficit ceiling raises)

  • Health Insurance Choice 

  • Public Education Reform (charter schools, vocational training  (tax deduction for home school costs)

  • IRS REFORM-- (national sales tax, flat tax or value added tax to capture the shadow economy and lost taxes)

  • Pro-Life, Pro-Family is the best Homeland Security

  • Sequester Social Security (outside the General Budget)

  • Free Market Principles (pro-small and start-up businesses--less rules and regulations)

  • Energy Independence

  • No Sanctuary Cities- Anchor baby reform

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